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Frequently asked questions:

1.  Is PEMF safe?

  • Yes, PEMF is safe, but there are a few contraindications. Anyone with a pacemaker or implanted device (such a cochlear implant or interstim) should not use PEMF.  Other contraindications include active bleeding, a transplant patient, or pregnancy


2.   How long will a session last?

  • ​ A average session lasts for one hour, but depending on the individual could be longer or shorter.  


3.   What should I wear?

  •  Comfortable clothes that are not too tight.  You will be asked to remove car keys, wallet, and jewelry.

4.  What if I have metal in my body?

  • The metal will not interfere or be harmed using PEMF technology. 

5.  Is this covered by my insurance?

  • Possibly, but you must check with your insurance company.   Some HSA's will allow you to use those funds for your sessions also. 

6.  How many sessions will I need?

  • Each individual will be different.  Many factors influence the number needed.  Age, general all over health, acute vs chronic conditions, pharmaceuticals, level of hydration, to name a few, can all influence the number of sessions needed.  Because this is a cumulative effect, it is best to get 2-3 sessions within the first week or ten days.

7.  How will I feel after my first session?

  • Again, this will be different for everyone.  Some people feel very energized, while others feel tired or maybe sore.  Some people might notice a huge difference while others might not feel much after just one session. 

8.  Is this the same as a TENS unit?

  • A TENS unit reduces the cells ability to transmit pain signals to the brain. (it has not fixed the problem)  PEMF recharges the cell's membrane so that the cell regains its ability to repair what is wrong in the body that is causing the pain.

9.  Is PEMF FDA approved?

  • The FDA has approved certain PEMF devices for: non union bone fractures, depression in those that medication does not help, urinary stress incontinence, postoperative edema and pain, brain cancer. 

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