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What is PEMF?


Research shows that the human body has an electromagnetic system just like it has a nervous system and a vascular system. The voltage of the cells determines the health of the cells.  The depletion of the cell's natural electrical charge leads to chronic pain and inflammation.  

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The human body is made up of trillions of cells which all have a natural charge that allows oxygen and nutrients to get into the cell, and wastes and toxins to get out. If the cell loses it charge (through age, injury, stress, pollution, processed foods etc) it becomes incapable of doing its job properly.  

This is where PEMF comes in to the picture.  There are four ways to recharge your cells.  Pure water, raw organic foods, exercise and PEMF. 

PEMF technology sends a gentle pulsing through the accessories attached to the system.  This pulse seeks out the cells that have lost their charge and "rings" the cell membrane until it is recharged.  Then the body can do what the body was designed to do and that is repair and heal. 



The human body is an amazing machine and when given the proper "ingredients" it will be healthy and strong.  The body needs voltage, but it also needs, adequate hydration, good nutrition, proper sleep and low stress.  If you want to take charge of your health, you must provide it with these things.

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