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PEMF for Pets

Animals respond amazingly to PEMF. There is no placebo effect with them. If you notice a difference in their symptoms, then you can be sure of a real change.  Animals receive the same benefits as people. They can experience


  • Increased circulation and better blood flow, which can facilitate WBC's getting quickly to areas of inflammation

  • May experience better muscle function and strength

  • May be no longer exhibiting signs of pain 

  • As stated above there could be decreased inflammation caused by inflammatory disease like arthritis or Lyme’s Disease

  • Better blood oxygenation, due to recharged RBCs

  • Could notice increased energy

  • May aid in the regeneration of nerves and neural pathways

  • May enhance flexibility and strength of soft tissues

  • May accelerates recovery of illness or injury


Intervertebral disc disease is one of the leading causes of paralysis in dogs. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy has been advocated for improving wound healing and pain reduction; however, robust clinical trials are lacking. The present prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial evaluated targeted PEMF therapy administered to 53 client-owned dogs who underwent hemilaminectomy for naturally occurring disk extrusion intervertebral disc disease. The dogs were randomized to receive either targeted PEMF (n = 27) or placebo treatment (n = 28). Wound healing, evaluated by visual analog score and wound evaluation scale, was significantly improved at 6 wk postoperatively in the treatment compared with the control group (P = .010 and .023, respectively). Pain medications were administered less frequently in dogs receiving PEMF treatment during the 7 day postoperative period compared with the control treatment group (P = .010) with codeine administered 1.8 times more frequently in the control group. No untoward effects were recorded in either treatment group.

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