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Cells: A Closer Look at How the Body’s Building Blocks Function and Use Energy

Cells–the fundamental component of all life on Earth–provide structure, take in and convert nutrients from food into energy, and carry out special functions.

When we talk about how PEMF benefits us, providing natural energy for our cells comes to mind. But how do cells work, and how do they use that energy? Cell Structure Most of the cells in our bodies are eukaryotic cells. These cells carry a distinct design with a nucleus and other organelles. The main parts are:

  • Cellular Membrane – controls the passage of materials into and out of the cell

  • Nucleus and Nucleolus – the control center of the cell and the house of RNA

  • Cytoplasm – the gel-like substance that serves as a medium for chemical reactions and a platform for the other organelles in the cell

  • Cytoplasmic Organelles: The other organs in the cell to help with function: Mitochondria, the Golgi Apparatus, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Lysosomes, and Ribosomes.

Each part of the cells provides energy to the body. But what happens when the cell is not working the way it should? Cell at Low Voltage

“Remember that every cell operates around negative 20-25 millivolts and uses up to negative 50 millivolts to repair themselves.” (Tennant) When our cells are not functioning correctly, this compromises the cell membrane. The cell membrane helps to excrete unwanted toxins from the body. So, when compromised, toxins build up in the cells. Toxin build-up adds to further decline in the function of the cell. Cells replace themselves through “cellular turnover” frequently. However, when there are no new materials, this forms new cells directly from the weaker low voltage cells. This deadly cycle—toxic turnover from old low voltage cells to new low voltage cells—increases the amount of time it takes for our bodies to overcome wellness challenges. So, where do our cells get the power to function properly? Cellular Energy The cell membrane and organic compounds ATP and ADP focus on storing energy in the cell. This energy comes from multiple sources, including

  • Eating unprocessed or raw foods.

  • Drinking alkaline water, and

“Earthing,” connecting with the Earth’s magnetic field.

Unprocessed foods and alkaline water have electrons that provide energy. Activities like walking barefoot provide energy because the Earth itself is electromagnetic. “When you walk barefoot, the energy in the earth flows into you.” (Tennant) Another great source of energy, PEMF, introduces natural energy directly to the cells. This process stimulates and exercises the cells to improve their overall function.[2] When you apply PEMF in conjunction with other natural energy sources, you allow your cells to receive adequate energy to operate normally and help the body heal naturally. References Tennant, Jerry. Healing Is Voltage. 2013

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