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Using PEMF to Target Acupuncture Points: 5 New Spots to Pulse

Acupuncture is a practice grounded in Traditional Chinese medicine that works to restore the flow of energy – called Qi. Inserting needles at certain points and depths can clear energy pathways to other parts of the body. Research has shown that PEMF can stimulate acupuncture points and meridians, often at the same rate as manual acupuncture, without the needles![4] Baihui Baihui (GV 20) is a point on the Governor Vessel. It is located on the highest place of the head where all the yang meridians meet. Stimulating GV20 relieves the head, dizziness, and anxiety. It can also help to clear the mind and lift the spirit. To reach Baihui with Pulse, place the Paddles (either a single paddle, or double stacked for deeper reach) on the top of the head. Align the crosshairs as close to the center of the top of the head as possible. Increase the strength to a comfortable level and, if you have a solid state machine, set the PPS to 7.8 or higher. Since the head may be a very sensitive area, start at a low intensity and work your way up. On your personal comfort scale from “1 to 10,” start at “1 to 3.” If that is comfortable, move to comfortably medium from “4 to 6.” Once you adjust to that, move up to a comfortably high “7 to 8.” Pulsing this region at uncomfortable intensity may lead to detoxification.

Waiguan Waiguan, (also known as SJ5, San Jiao 5, TH 5, or TE5), normally exists near the dorsal (top) crease of the wrist, between the radius and the ulna. Its position may vary slightly, but you can locate it easily! Look down at the top of your forearm. Then, bend your wrist backwards just slightly to create a crease. Measure 2 thumb widths up the forearm and feel for the small gap between the ulna and radius bones. Waigun correlates with the triple burner channel, named after the three “heaters” of the body – upper, middle, and lower – that work together to maintain homeostasis. This point controls our body’s fight, flight, or freeze response. It can also help with inflammation. To target Waigun, sandwich your wrist between either the Rings or Paddles with the colored side touching the top of your wrist and the crosshairs or Ring focused on the point. Extremities generally tolerate higher intensities of Pulsing. Adjust the dial until the pulsing is comfortably strong. If you have a solid state machine, you should try both pulse rates from 2.5 to 5.5 as well as from 7.8 to 9.9. Decide which feels best for you!

Zusanli Zusanli (ST-36) runs along the stomach meridian and is sometimes referred to as ‘the point of the hundred illnesses.’ If your body isn’t balanced here, you may experience a host of digestion issues like bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, etc. Since the digestive system is responsible for the majority of our immune system, it’s really important to keep it happy! Zusanli rests a few inches below the knee, towards the outside of the shin. To Pulse Zusanli, use the Rings or Paddles. You can either sandwich the knee area between the Rings or Paddles or place them over the lower outside portion of the knee. Unless you have an existing injury, the knee area can generally handle higher strengths. Turn it up to comfortably strong and, if you have a solid state machine, turn the pulses somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5.

Shenmen There are two Shenmen (HT7) points, one on the ears and one on the wrist. They are part of the Heart meridian. The point on the wrist is very close to Waiguan but on the underside of the wrist. Turn your hand so that your palm is facing upwards. You’ll find Shenmen just below the wrist crease, towards the outside of the hand. To locate the point on the ear, put your finger at the highest point of your ear with your fingernail brushing the top inner curve of the ear, and then move your fingertip to a “1 o’clock” or “2 o’clock” position inside the top ear curve. Shenmen helps to relieve anxiety, stress, depression, emotional distress, insomnia, and even some heart issues. To Pulse the wrist Shenmen, follow the same general guidelines as Waiguan, making sure that the Rings or Paddles are focused more towards the outer edge of the wrist. To Pulse the ear Shenmen, stack the rings or paddles over one ear, and try to focus them on the top forward ear curve area. Then, do the same to pulse that point on the other ear. Follow the same general settings as a Baihui!

Lieque Lieque (Lung 07, LU 7) is one of the most powerful points on the lung meridian. It affects the head and neck, including headaches or migraines, circulation, memory, sore throat, and coughing. This point is located on the underside of the wrist, almost directly across from Shenmen, but on the inner side of the wrist. Follow the same general guidelines as Waiguan, making sure the Rings or Paddles are focused more towards the inner edge of the wrist.

We hope that these suggestions provide a good starting point as you dive into using PEMF on acupuncture points. If you have a specific area that you would like to Pulse, a quick search online for acupuncture points in that region could lead you to discover new ways to give your cells the boost that they need. Happy Pulsing!

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