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Hear from real patients and their experience with PEMF Energy Wellness below.

I've been dealing with a very a painful frozen shoulder. I've had four sessions and already have much better mobility.  My pain is much more tolerable. A frozen shoulder can take 6 months to two years. I expect to be better in one month with PT combined with Pulse Therapy (instead of another steroid injection). Another interesting fact; we have been working hard pulsing my injury on left shoulder/arm. My nails on hand are very noticeably longer, whiter and healthier than my right hand. That to me is another added testimonial that the Pulse Therapy is generating healthier cells.

Kathy B.

I was in a lot of pain from my sciatica. Was referred to Kim for pulse therapy. I do not have enough good things to say about it.  After a few sessions I felt great. Kim is excellent to work with and I would highly recommend her. 

Bill M

Recently pulsed for hip and elbow pain. Awoke this morning without a "hitch" in my hip for the first time in months. Thanks Kim!


Suzanne D. T.

I have damage to the menisci in both knees, with related arthritis and inflammation in the right knee. The last 6 months has been particularly challenging. I notice a SUBSTANTIAL difference (reduction in pain and increased mobility) after just two pulsing sessions with Kim. She got my attention!

Cynthia H.

So happy with Kim and her Pulse Therapy! My horses performance has been noticeably improved and Kim is incredibly accommodating!!! Absolutely recommend!!


Jessica K.

Kim is empathetic, passionate wellness advocate! I was skeptical about the effectiveness of the treatment at first. However, after two treatments my laryngitis was gone! 

Jennifer M.

Our Labrador is walking and running again after PEMF with Kim. Highly recommend Kim and PEMF!


Our dog injured either a muscle or a ligament. She was in pain and holding up her rear leg. It looked like classic ACL injury however diagnosis was inconclusive. We followed Bet prescription for pain and anti inflammatory medication. Vet recommended further tests (thousands $$$) to possibly obtain a clearer diagnosis. I opted to call Kim, who is sincerely the most accommodating, compassionate professional practitioner, to pulse Ivy at our home. Each session brought relief!! With Ivy guiding us, pulsing a few times a week quickly progressed to once a week then one more time after two weeks. Completely healed!!

Cyndi G.

I met Kim thru work and I am so grateful for her and her passion to help others feel/heal better!! I've used the pulse for my back and shoulder issues. I have made more progress through pulse than any other way & for that I'm so grateful! Kim is extremely knowledgeable and she listens — she genuinely cares!!


Dawn Q.

Kim came over when introduced to me by a mutual dear friend. She pulsed my 11 yr old dachshund three times who was partially paralyzed to his L back leg. Within a week he was completely back to his former amazing Moses! He had been on a heating pad, muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories, CBD and essential oils. While I’m certain there was value in these the most amazing treatment by far was the PEMF and Kim’s energy! A huge thank you!

Linda J.

I recently went to Kim for help with my wrist and elbow after being diagnosed with tendinitis. She explained everything about Pulse Therapy and made me feel so comfortable and confident in our care plan. Instead of the three 60 minute sessions we decided it would be more beneficial to do two 90 minute sessions close together. After the first session I woke up and noticed an immediate difference. It was so hard not to get back to my normal routine, but making sure I didn't over do things to push back progress was the goal. After the second session I felt amazing! It was no longer throbbing with every movement and I am well on my way to long term healing that I know would have taken weeks or months without Pulse and Kim. I highly recommend Kim and PEMF!

Keri H.

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